Quinowa was created to bring you curated and effective health food, drink and skincare options you will love.

All powered by Mother Nature and produced by ethical small businesses that care about living well as much as you do.

We're the natural health product new kid on the block.
We're passionate about showing you natural ways to feel better, and helping you understand why what you're buying is so good for you.

Hi. I’m Maya

I’m the founder and chief natural health advocate of Quinowa. My love for all things natural started a few years ago, when I had just had my baby, and I started to take a bit more of an interest in the ingredients of the food I put in my body.

I was feeling tired. Well, exhausted might be a better word! My sparkle had gone, my body felt like it was constantly aching and I just didn’t feel like myself anymore. I scoured the supermarket shelves and surfed the internet, looking for ‘miracle’ products to bring me back to life.

What I found was an overwhelming amount of “miracle” pills, supplements, and ‘health’ foods, all promising to help me bounce back, lose weight, cure my aching joints, and feel full of energy. So like any person would, I trusted the claims, and hoarded up on all the products, hoping for some life changing results. However, none of those changes came, and instead I just found myself a little poorer!

There had to be a better way

I just couldn’t understand why the products hadn’t worked. So, I went online and started researching the ingredients of these products in more detail. 

That’s when reality dawned on me. I was horrified to discover that many of the so-called health products I had consumed, contained a bunch of chemicals and other nasties in them. I hadn’t noticed before because I assumed the ingredients I didn’t recognise must be there to make the product better, and wouldn’t in any way be harmful to my health.

So, I decided to ditch these and focus my attention on taking supplements instead. At least this way I would know exactly what I was putting into my body. But a few weeks of chowing down on tablets for breakfast, and I realised it just wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wanted healthy options that I could incorporate into my overall lifestyle.

This is when I started to hunt out for places online that would not only sell the right products with genuine health benefits, but could also provide clear information on what the benefits were.

The lightbulb moment

My quest led me to discover that the best, freshest and healthiest products came from smaller businesses. Usually, businesses started by people like me, who had just wanted to feel better. 

That’s when the idea of Quinowa came to me. I started thinking; wouldn’t it be great if there was one place people could go to that had all these amazing products with full transparency of every ingredient in them?

A place where industry experts gave their advice without any of that bewildering marketing chat and scientific mumbo jumbo, and just told you exactly what everything did. 

A place to educate people about what is actually good for your body so that you can feel empowered and make better purchasing decisions when it comes to (real) health products.

A place where everything on sale was hand-picked and made with love and care (by people who have seen the benefits for themselves). 

I realised that if I wanted that place to exist, I would just have to build it myself.

And so, Quinowa was born.